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Kenya photographer, it's blurry

one day you are trying to figure your way round photography as a career and before you know it,10 years have passed.2010 was a watershed in my life, moving from five years as a camera assistant in film and into photography in Kenya.It chose me and not the other way round, at a time when film work was frustrating, the pay was horrible and in my role I couldn't do anything creative.

Enter Nokia N70 which could take really cool pictures then and friends complimenting me for great pictures, then my dad asking what I want to do with my life and Oi! the only answer I had was "I want to be a photographer." You have to bear in mind that by this time there were no well known photographers in Kenya who I could point to and say, "I want to be just like them."It turned out alright for me, lots of doubt, fear and joy in the process, and the journey is still going on.

In 2019 I hit some kind of wall,everything was so predictable and I wanted more for my self while at the same time wondering what that more would look like.I hopefully intend to consistently write a blog each week recounting my journey so far.Call it an E-journal if you like.As I do the next phase of my journey I want to share my past and present on this blog.

The images I share today are from a series I titled blurry,because that's how my 2019 felt.Come so far, not sure of the way forward.I do know for sure the way is there, I just need to get out take my panga and step into the jungle.


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